What are the metrics for the websites?

  • Referring Domains: Minimum 20+ to 1,500+ RD.
  • Trust Flow: Minimum 10+ TF to 50+ TF.
  • DA: Minimum 10+ DA to 50+ DA.

Link building has been an integral part of SEO. In its latest announcement Google confirmed it won’t devalue links any time soon. Till the end of 2018 and beyond, link building will be the key strategy of SEO.

The quickest way to be seen by search engine is via building links. Though it’s the ticket to fast track SEO, building wrong link gets you now where. Even worse you can be penalized for that.

We apply some serious metrics that make sure our link placements are on right niche and websites. We place your links on websites that stay in top spectrum of SEO metrics. Our readily done for you links placements occupy no spam, organic websites that enjoy natural traffic.



Our Powerful Link Package Process

We spot the right website that fits your niche for your business or your client. We go deep into the bloggers and webmasters network that comprises of 1000+ largest websites and blogs in World Wide Web. After identifying the publications that suits you well, we look into their metrics. Once we know for sure these publications fits your link and niche, Outreach Mania does the link placement. We go the extra mile to post your links on authentic aged posts that provides optimal value. We don’t use a hard cap on referring domains (RD) or other metrics. If we have to choose between a website with 1000+ RD vs. a website with 240+ RD, we choose the former without any hesitation.

Outreach Mania accepts custom order with no limit on keywords, domains and URLs. There are link placement services that do high quality work, but impose unnecessary restrictions and limits on your orders. Our customers are free to the URLs, niche and anchors are completely up to you. You can enjoy these services in your own terms, rather than ours. The industry doesn’t come with too many restrictions, so why should we? Tailor made orders gives you the leeway to combine various link packages. When you work with multiple clients, you wish to send powerful links to we are your best bet. Order your link package right now and disburse the URLs and Anchors according to your preferences.

Why choose our backlink placement?

  • To rank higher in Google and other search engines, your site requires links pointing towards it. There is no arguing that. In the eyes of these search engines, the links coming from authority websites have more value. Expired domains and even web 2.0s don’t give you that, irrespective how amazing you content or backlink profile is.

  • The problem with PBNs and expired domains is, Google finds when a domain expires and gets picked by someone else. The new owner conveniently runs his/her blog in the expired domain, which didn’t feature a blog before. Google knows the tricks marketers use on web2.0s too. These are footprints which bring your entire network down and harmfully devalue your website.

  • The ideal way to prove your authority to search engines is to get content backlinks from organic websites that enjoy real traffic. These websites should have gone through drastic re-designing and should have never been expired in the first place.

  • Witnessing increase in SERP’s with such links within the first week is a real prospect. Run of the mill PBN methods don’t work that quick and effective anymore. With our top quality editorial link placements you see results much earlier.

High-Quality Done-For-You Backlink Placement

Increase Your Ranking Positions By Building Site Authority

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